Book Week Haul

Hi folks!

So this week from Thursday til Sunday there was a little festival called Book Week in Budapest. Usually it is held in June, however due to Covid it hasn’t been held since 2019 and this year it was pushed to September. Ever since I started to go to university in Budapest (been living in this city for 7 years now) and I went out in 2019 too so I missed this so much! How it works is both publishing companies and bookstores have a booth, they usually have around 20% discount for books they sell there. Often times you can find books that are either a little injured or old books you can buy for quite cheaper (which is always a good opportunity to find books from the TBR we’d want to get to, right?). So this year I went out on Saturday and Sunday and got myself some new books!

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Hungarian vs. UK/US covers #5

Hi folks!

Originally I had a different post planned for this week but I have been dealing with quite a bad wrist pain in both my wrists so I had to take it easy. Thus I thought I’d bring a new installation to my book covers series. You can find the posts for the first one here, the second one here, the third one here and the fourth one here. For this post I brought you five books’ covers to check out the differences between the UK/US covers and the Hungarian covers!

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Birthday Book Tag 2021 (eng&hun)

Hi folks! Sziasztok!

I am a little late with this post, but better late than never right? My birthday was on the 17th but as most of my books are at my parents’ place I waited until I came home to do this tag. I have done one for 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 as well. And without further do, let’s get into those questions!

Egy kicsit későn kerül fel ez a poszt, de jobb később, mint soha, ugye? A születésnapom 17-én volt, de mivel a könyveim nagy része a szüleimnél van ezért vártam addig a poszt megírásával, amíg haza jöttem. A taget megcsináltam már 2017-ben, 2018-ban, 2019-ben és 2020-ban is. És akkor, ugorjunk is bele a kérdésekbe!

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Anti-LGBTQ+ Law and books in Hungary

Hi folks! Sziasztok!

This post is going to be mostly in English because I want to raise awarness of what is happening in Hungary, and to do that I’ll have this post in English. However, I’m going to link some posts for Hungarian speakers, which are a lot more well written and informative than mine will be (I will try to be short and condensed as much as possible). The two Hungarian posts I’m linking are the ones I’m relying on to write this one to bring light for others too.

Ezt a posztot most inkább angolul írom meg, hiszen szeretném a külföldiek figyelmét is felhívni arra, ami jelenleg történik itthon az LMBTQ+ ügyeket illetően. Viszont linkelek nektek két posztot, ami nagyon informatív és szuperül lett megírva. Az egyik a Sorok között blog posztja, illetve Deszy posztja, ami részletesen végig megy a törvénypontokon és könyves szemmel veszi őket sorra. Ez a két poszt, melyekre én is támaszkodom a saját angol nyelvű posztom megírásában, mindenképp olvassátok el őket.

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Kpop Favourites of 2021 #1 (eng&hun)

Hi folks! Sziasztok!

I haven’t posted anything kpop related this year so far so I thought I would start off with my favourites of this year so far, because there are a lot of new songs and groups I fell in love with even to my surprised. This post is going to be a mix of title tracks and b-sides and not really in order as they came out this year, but however I remember them. So without further do, let’s see the songs!

Nem került még kpopos poszt a blogra idén, szóval arra gondoltam, hogy az idei kedvenceimmel kezdeném, mert nagyon sok új szám és új csapat akad a listán, a saját meglepetésemre is. A posztban mind title trackeket, mind b-side számokat találhattok és nem abban a sorrendben, ahogy kiadták őket idén, hanem ahogyan épp eszembe jutnak a számok. És akkor csapjunk is bele!

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The Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag, 2021 (eng&hun)

Hi folks!

It’s been a while, huh? I have successfully graduated university! It is my second BA diploma, it’s been a difficult semester and quite a painful ending to it, but I succeeded and I will try to get back here! I’m not sure yet how things are going to turn out as I’m in the process of getting a job and figuring out the schedule and everything, so once I have everything settled down I’ll definitely try to be back, posting regularly!

As a start I thought it’d be good to come back with a post I’ve been doing the last 4 years on this blog. You can find the posts for 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 linked.

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January Wrap Up

Hi folks!

Before I go on my big break for the spring semester I decided I’d drop one more post of all the books I read in January. It’s not really a surprise I got around reading 8 books, because I had quite some time on my hands, thankfully! And I can say that this month was the month of surprises because I read quite some books that I didn’t think I’d enjoy and ended up enjoying them quite a lot! So in January I read 8 books, 2277 pages.

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