Book Unhaul

Hi folks!

So recently with the Marie Kondo show bookish people on Twitter freaked out, taking her words that they have to get rid of their books. I honestly found it rather funny, how seriously it was taken. Unhauling books is not that big of a deal in my opinion. Around the end of last year I wanted to start getting rid of books that I wasn’t interested in anymore, which might have been because the story or the author. Or for the fact that I accidentally bought a copy twice. It happened and I only realised it later on… For me it’s a bit of a slow process, I either sell them again or exchange them for another book but I also gifted a couple away. So, let’s see which books did I unhaul.

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Hungarian vs. UK/US covers #2

Hi folks!

I have made a post like this back in November, which you can check out here. I quite enjoyed bringing you the covers so I thought I’d make another post of this, and here are the next 5 books and their covers!

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Summary 2018 – All The Books I Read

Hi folks!

Can you believe 2018 is already over? It was just a moment ago we started this year! Reading wise, I think it’s safe to say that I had quite a nice year, I hit 100 read books! (Though quite some of it were manga volumes but they still count for me!) I had a yearly TBR for this year as well, now that didn’t go as well as I hoped it would. I will talk about that at the end of the post, let’s see what books I read! All together I read 112 books, 30540 pages, which is quite an amazing amount to be honest!

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Top 10 Books I Read This Year

Hi folks!

It’s that time of the year again where I get to talk about the books, or show you the books I read that I enjoyed the most! I did one last year too, it was a top 12 list, because looks like I enjoyed more books last year than this year (even though I read twice as much as last year, I guess I became more picky with what I read.) This year the only order I’m going to put these books here is going to be how I read them, so from the begining of the year til now. I wouldn’t even be able to make any order because I love them all for different reasons. I’m also going to link my reviews for each book! But yes, without any further do, let’s see which books were my favourites this year!

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Hungarian vs. UK/US covers

Hi folks!

I know Tuesdays are review posts but I am reading a tome which I haven’t finished yet and I don’t have any other books to review to you all so I had to come up with something else to post. I saw a couple of videos in the same topic and I saw Hungarian bloggers posting about Hungarian covers and I thought why not make a post comparing some of the covers they changed in Hungary for some books! Hope you will enjoy this post, I might make it into a series, we shall see! Hungarians often keep the original covers but there are some cases where they change it, for the better or the worse, that is up to us to decide!

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