June Wrap Up

Hi folks!

Remember when I said in the last wrap up post? That I hoped I can read a little more books in June? Yeah, that did not happen… I actually ended up reading only one book and that one book ended up being a reread… Not sure where have things gone this “wrong” but at least I still ended up reading a book! Not sure if July will be any more successful as I’m actually a lot more busy with weddings and other things but a girl can hope right?

I would also like to apologise for not sticking to my posting schedule. I had some personal things going down, which messed up a lot of things so I couldn’t get around it sadly.

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May Wrap Up

Hi folks!

We are back at yet another wrap up post. I gotta say this year is zooming by really fast, even faster than it usually does. I work at a school and I thought slowly I would have more time to read but apparently not. And thus I only got around reading two books this month, though one of those books is 766 pages so I’m pretty happy I got around reading it. Alas I read two books, 906 pages in May.

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April Wrap Up

Hi folks!

I know we say this literally every year, and every month but this year really just feels like it’s flying by… It’s already May so I am bringing you yet another reading wrap up! Seems like this year 4 books a month is the theme for me, because in April I once again read 4 books, 1022 pages. It is currently the least amount of pages in a month that I have read this year but it’s okay!

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February Wrap Up

Hi folks!

February flew by quite fast! I can’t believe it’s almost March, this year feels really weird, like it feels like it’s been going for much longer than just two months and yet at the same time it is unbelievable that it’s already March. I know everything is going off the rails in the world right now, so I hope my small silly post can bring a moment of pause in your lives now. I hope you are all staying safe and healthy! Now in February I got around reading 4 books, 1410 pages. Two of these books were actually on my yearly TBR as well so that is quite a win for me! But without further ado, let’s see what books I got around reading during the month of February.

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January Wrap Up

Hi folks!

The first month of 2022 is already over, which is mind-blowing how fast time is passing by. For me personally it was an okay month, I went to get my booster shot and managed to get a job finally! With everything going on I am trying my best to balance reading, gaming (mostly Genshin) and work and friends, family and all. So I started off January a little weaker so to speak. This month I read 4 books, 1145 pages.

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November Wrap Up

Hi folks!

November is already ending and I thought I would bring you what I read during this month. It feels like this month too just flew by and it’s already time for the last month of the year. To be honest, I am ready for this year to end because it has been very hard mentally. Anyway, this month I read 5 books and 2046 pages. In number of books this is less than last month but page count wise it’s more so I’m content with this reading month!

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Reading Wrap Up

Hi folks!

I realized the last reading wrap up was from February and March so it’s quite time for another one! I have been in quite a bad reading slump because of university, so I actually “only” read 14 books since my last wrap up. I’m going to devide this post into months, because I haven’t read too much in each month. Actually I did not read anything in May. But anyway, here we go. All the books I’ve read since March!

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