March Wrap Up

Hi folks!

Usually I write these posts at the beginning of each month and slowly add to it as I read. This way I usually write this part too ahead of time. However I had to rewrite it, because I’m so glad March is finally over. This month hasn’t been the best one to me so I’m so very glad it’s finally over. During March I read 11 books, 2860 pages.

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February Wrap Up

Hi folks!

So, my next semester started this month, which means I got quite busy with studying and stuff, thus this month is full of shorter books. But I don’t feel like it was any worse than the last month, only this time I focused on different books. I read 17 book, 3450 pages.

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October Wrap Up

Hi folks!

October has ended too, it feels quite like I blinked in January and suddenly the whole year passed by me. On top of that this month I got quite busy with everything that I haven’t really gotten much reading done, compared to the previous months anyway. I also got to go to a favourite’s concert so that was pretty cool! This month I read 4 book, 1659 pages.

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