Summary 2019 – All The Books I Read

Hi folks!

2019 is over and it’s time for another summary of what I’ve gotten around reading. I haven’t had the best year of my life so I’m happy it’s over and I’m so ready for 2020. Reading wise though, I think it’s safe to say that I had quite a nice year. This year again I passed reading 100 books, which is crazy but I’m really happy about it. I got more into audiobooks as well, I read some amazing books, I got to meet Leigh Bardugo too! I honestly can’t wait to see what amazing books 2020 will bring for me.

This year too I had a yearly TBR, which again did not go as well as I hoped it would… But I still got around reading some from it! This post is going to look very similar to last year’s, which if you haven’t seen you can find here.

This year I read 112 books, 30664 pages. Quite nice numbers!

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2020 TBR

Hi folks!

It’s time for another yearly TBR post! I had one for 2019 too, which is up here and I’ll go about this years TBR similarly. To be honest I had to plan this with more care because, in case you don’t follow my Twitter, in the spring semester I’ll be in South Korea actually, doing a scholarship! Now, I can’t really bring books with me because that would be too many things to bring home especially if I plan on buying things. I plan on reading manga volumes and listen to audiobooks that time (end of February til around the end of June). So with that in mind, let’s see my TBR for 2020!

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Autumn Book Tag

Hi folks!

It’s finally autumn! Who has been waiting for it? I definitely was! And thankfully as we entered September the weather also got very autumny and I’m so happy for that! I found this tag on Sarah’s blog last week and I couldn’t not do it. You can read her answers here and if you haven’t yet, definitely check her blog out. She changed her theme for an autumn one and it’s amazing!

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Book Tag

Hi folks!

Honestly Emma is my saviour when it comes to book tags! The other day I was just thinking about looking for new book tags to do and that’s when Emma tagged me in this one. I also have a confession, I’ve never seen Brooklyn Nine-Nine, I’m not really one for comedy shows but the questions made me think so I decided to do this tag anyway! You can read Emma’s answers here. The original was created by G-Swizzel Books.

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2019 Book Haul

Hi folks!

I’ve been on a tight schedule with both school and blogging and just with everything in general in life. Originally I planned a discussion post for today but I had no time to properly write it and all so I thought I’d go with something light and fun. I don’t often do book haul posts but I do like reading book haul posts and watching videos so every once in a while I can fit in one or two. I don’t really buy that many books but I do prioratize buying them (over clothing actually). So, let’s see what I’ve got so far this year.

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