June (+May) Wrap Up

Hi folks!

Since I got back a little late into June I thought I would write just one wrap up for the books I read since my last wrap up, back in April. It’s gonna be quite a list so grab a snak or a cup of tea or coffee! I’ll sort the post into what I read in May and what I read in June.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Book Tag

Hi folks!

Honestly Emma is my saviour when it comes to book tags! The other day I was just thinking about looking for new book tags to do and that’s when Emma tagged me in this one. I also have a confession, I’ve never seen Brooklyn Nine-Nine, I’m not really one for comedy shows but the questions made me think so I decided to do this tag anyway! You can read Emma’s answers here. The original was created by G-Swizzel Books.

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2019 Book Haul

Hi folks!

I’ve been on a tight schedule with both school and blogging and just with everything in general in life. Originally I planned a discussion post for today but I had no time to properly write it and all so I thought I’d go with something light and fun. I don’t often do book haul posts but I do like reading book haul posts and watching videos so every once in a while I can fit in one or two. I don’t really buy that many books but I do prioratize buying them (over clothing actually). So, let’s see what I’ve got so far this year.

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Seventeen Book Tag: Song Edition

Hi folks!

As you may know, I love kpop, so when Laura asked me if I wanted to be tagged in a kpop themed book tag, that she and her rommie created, how could I have said no? Seventeen is not among my top groups but I do occasionally listen to their songs. You can find Laura’s post here! I have made a similar tag last year, based on one of my favourite groups, VIXX. If you want to check that tag out, you can find it here.

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2019 TBR

Hi folks!

Some of you might know that I don’t really do monthly TBRs, mainly because I’m too much of a mood reader that I never know what I am in the mood to pick up. Thus for the 3rd year I’m making a yearly TBR and try to stick to it as much as possible. I did one last year, which has 36 books in it, and I ended up reading 19 out of that. It’s not the best but still pretty good, considering that I also decided to not to read more books by Sarah J. Maas and I had two of her books on my list. I will have a post up of what I read this year but for now, let’s see what I plan on reading next year!

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