A Guide on How to Start Reading in Another Language (eng&hun)

Hi folks!

Recently I was asked what tips I have on starting reading in another language. As you all may know English is my second language, my mother tongue is Hungarian. I know very well how hard it is to start reading in another language. When I was still learning English I bought the 4th book in The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini in order to practice English. However on the first page it became clear that it was too hard for me at the time. And I thought I would put together a little guide for you all who want to try reading in another language and not make this same mistake as I did! This post is going to mainly focus on tips for those who are only starting out or think about starting reading in another language.

Special thanks to my two friends who helped me out with this post, Silvia and Lia!

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5 Romance Tropes I Hate

Hi folks!

This should be the first discussion post I publish since I started my blog two years ago. I’ve always felt kind of iffy writing a discussion post, mostly because I did not feel myself to be ellaborate enough to write one. So I decided to just write it in a fun way, and list of a couple of romance tropes that really irritate me when reading a book, especially a YA book.

Before we go into it I would encourage you all to read Lia’s posts on the topic (and also how asexuality, aromanticism is portrayed in the media). Aromanticism: Answering All The Questions You Probably Wanted To Ask But Didn’tRomance in Media, Aphobia & Happy Endings.

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