August Kpop Favourites

Hi folks!

Another month passed and I have a couple of new songs to present to you!

What I want to start with is not new, at least it didn’t come out in this month. I recently started to get into Ateez (I have a lot of friends who stan them, it was just a matter of time). And I’ve been really enjoying their music, like all of the songs. My biggest favourites at the moment are Say My Name and Twilight.

I got to see The Rose live in Budapest last year and I immediatelly fell in love, they put on such an amazing show! Not only that but they play on instruments too and I always try to support bands that play music live, because they are badly under appreciated in the industry! And finally they released a new song called Red! If anything please give a listen to them! They are amazing and the song is amazing as always and they deserve the best!

I like listening to groups whose music I know I’ll enjoy but every once in a while I sit down to get to know more groups, listen to new songs just to see if I can find more new favourites. This was the case when I sat down to listen to Everglow’s new song, Adios. Twitter has gone kinda wild over them, from what I saw at least and I have to say rightly so. It’s no surprise that they got 20M+ views on their music video in just 2 days. I really like the song and am definitely going to keep an eye on the girls from now on!

This month we were blessed by the queen, Sunmi, with new music. She was hinting a lot over on Twitter what would be in her music video for her new song Lalalay. It’s very Sunmi style, pretty different from what you see in the mainstream kpop space. She is often critical towards society or expresses empowerment. This song is all about not giving a shit about what others think and being herself. I adore the symbolism she uses, and how she is unapogoleticly herself.

Ravi from VIXX decided to make his own label to produce the music he wants to put out. That doesn’t mean though, that he is not part of VIXX, because he clearly is still. And ever since he made this decision I was waiting patiently for him to put out more music because I quite like his style. This month he released Still Nirvana, the aesthetics are very Ravi style and it features two other artists as well. I’m really proud of him and this music video is really gorgeously made! I hope he will continue making songs just like this one.

These are all the songs for this month. Hope you all enjoyed them. What were your favourites of this month (not just kpop)?


14 thoughts on “August Kpop Favourites

  1. I love your blog and your articles ! Also I always am looking forward to your kpop faves ! Sprinkle love to RAVI’s music ❤ Keep the good work ^^


  2. I always see The Rose everytime there is a forun about kpop band but didn’t have the chance to actually listen to their songs. I didn’t know they were this amazing! Thank you for this post. I think I’ll stalk them from now on. Hahaha! I’m looking forward for more post like this. I suggest you check out Cherry Bullet and Nflying too. For a solo singer, I highly recommend Lee Hi.


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