January Kpop Favourites

Hi folks!

The first month is all gone now and I’m back with my monthly favourites. I have to say there are songs on this list that aren’t brand new but somehow I was really in the mood for them!

First one is a cover that Dreamcatcher did of Big Bang’s Bang Bang Bang at the Jeju Hallyu Festival back in November. And while I was aware that this existed, somehow I kept listening to it this month. The girls look fierce and Dami rapping is just amazing! She needs to get more popular, because the girl is amazing!

Then we had my queen’s new song aka Hyomin from T-ARA released a new solo song called U Um U Um(으음으음) and oh my god I fell in love! Honestly I’m so proud of her doing so well after leaving her previous agency and I’m so happy to see her making better and better music with every comeback! We stan a queen.

The next one isn’t really kpop more a kindie song but I absolutely adore it! The song is called When It Snows (흰 눈이 오면) by 1415, I really stumbled upon it by accident but I’m so glad I did because the song is really pretty and well, isn’t Nam Joohyuk nice to look at?

Then we got VIXX’s youngest member’s first song, Boy with a Star. I’m really happy and proud of Hyuk for putting out something so beautiful as this song. Not to mention that the lyrics video is so atmospheric as well! I love it a lot.

So this would be it, these are my favourites of January. Do you have any favourites this month you kept listening to?


28 thoughts on “January Kpop Favourites

  1. Hyuk’s “Boy with a Star” is so beautiful I want to cry every time I listen to it – it’s just such a gorgeous song. U Um U Um is a great song too! I also loved Dreamcatcher’s new single and Seventeen and Astro’s comeback!

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