2018 kpop favourites

Hi folks!

I know my blog is now partially turning into a kpop blog as well. I’m not really sorry about that considering how kpop’s been a big part of my life for over 7 years now. Quite the commitment I would say! In this post I want to bring you some of the songs that’s been released this year and been my absolute favourite! I won’t put them in any particular order, I can’t choose anyway, because I love them all for different reasons. I’d also add that just because your favourite song isn’t here doesn’t mean it’s not good, it just didn’t appeal to my taste really, these songs however made me listen to them on replay for quite some time, thus making into this list.

You and I by Dreamcatcher

What by Dreamcatcher

Scentist by VIXX

Touch & Sketch by Leo

Spotlight by Monsta X

Shoot Out by Monsta X

Living It Up by Monsta X

Jealousy by Monsta X

Boss by NCT U

Baby, Don’t Stop by NCT U

Simon Says by NCT 127

Regular by NCT 127


Shine by Pentagon

Tempo by EXO

Love Shot by EXO

Am I biased with my favourites? Definitely. However these songs really were my favourites this year and I hope that if you haven’t listened to any of these you’ll give them a chance. I must be missing something from my very favourites but oh well. What were your favourite songs this year?


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