November Wrap Up

Hi folks!

It’s so crazy November is already over as well, it’s almost time for Christmas and the New Year! But first let’s see what I could squeeze into this busy month! This month I read 4 books, 1910 pages.

The first book I read this month was quite a tome, the second book of the Mistborn trilogy, The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson. This book takes place a year after the first book’s story. This one is the longest of the trilogy. While I enjoyed reading this, it had it’s flaws that did bother me. And yet I enjoyed it enough to give it a good rating! If you want to know my thoughts on the book, here is my spoiler free review of it.

Rating: 4 stars

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Of course I had to include reading manga volumes this month as well! Especially since I had a busy month, manga volumes are the easiest to squeeze in. I continued on with Fairy Tail, reading the 33rd volume. I still remember some of this story line but not much so I’m still quite excited about how it all is going to go down!

Rating: 4,5 stars


And surprisingly I did end up reading the last of the Mistborn trilogy, The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson! Right around as I finished The Well of Ascension Tome Topple Readathon started, you can find the official Twitter page for it here, but it’s basically a readathon for reading books that are longer than 500 pages. The best time to read a big book, right? The reading sprints helped a lot to keep me reading with all things that I had to do for school. As for the book. All I’m gonna say is that I knew how it was going to end and yet it broke me very badly. I will have a review up once I feel less heartbroken about it. If I was to rate this book by the ending then it would be 5 stars. But it had more to it so it is not a 5 stars read but still!

Rating: 4,5 stars

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Then impulsively I got Le Petit Prince’s Hungarian version. In my April wrap up I talked about the movement in Hungary, more specifically in Budapest, POKET books – they basically took old vending machines and turned them into ones that have books in them. They added Le Petit Prince not long ago I believe, and finally I got it along with my flatmate. I have a confesstion: this was my first time reading this book and I’m really glad I did because it really makes you think. Again, I don’t want to rate this one, I don’t like rating classics. But I really had a great time reading this!


Honestly it’s not all that much, but I managed to read two tomes, so I’m quite content with how my reading went this month! How did yours go?


17 thoughts on “November Wrap Up

  1. I read Well of Ascension earlier this year and I didn’t really like how much it focused on politics. My coworker told me the third one is more of the same. Would you agree? She also said I should read it anyway because the ending makes it worth it.

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    1. I really enjoy when a book focuses on the politics but I can see how it can’t be enjoyable. The third one is definitely heavily focused on politics as well but I do agree with her that the ending in itself makes it all worth to read it (especially if you are not into the politics part, because for me it all was very enjoyable).


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