BASC Schwab Box Unboxing & Book Week

Hi folks!

This month we have a bookish event in Hungary called Book Week, it takes place from the 7th until the 11th. Usually publishers come with new releases that they start selling with this event. Fumax publisher this year published the Hungarian translation of This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab. That book is one of my all time favourites so when I heard they are going to publish it I was really happy. I got even happier when one of Hungary’s book subsriction boxes, Book a Sloth Club said that they will come with a box based around the book. I never ordered a box faster in my life!

To talk a bit about Book Week: how this usually looks like is all Hungarian publishers (or most, I’m not actually sure) have a booth on Vörösmarty square. You can buy books and get quite nice discounts too, so it’s always worth it to go out and hunt down some of the books you’ve been looking for! The pictures below are not the best I know but I was too focused on getting myself books.

To my sadness only one publisher sells English books but I could get The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert for a quite nice price! I also got the last three manhwa volumes of the Demon Diary by Lee YunHee. I also got a cute booksleeve from Twister Media, that can actually contain big books too! And of course my Schwab Box!


And now onto the unboxing of the Schwab Box!


As usually with book boxes we got a letter from the author, it was translated too into Hungarian too.


The next thing I found in the box was a bookmark, with violin on it and on the other side there is actually the song of the monsters in the book.


Now this next item made me really happy, I was actually hoping that we would get a tote in the box and we indeed did! I really wanted to have a black tote and this is just perfections really! The bag itself is not made of a very thick matterial which means i’ll have to be careful not to put too heavy things into it, but the handlers (ears, I actually have no clue how you call those in English?) are pretty long, so it fits nicely on my shoulder and I can reach into it comfortably so I’m pretty happy with it!


Next up we have a candle. There are three type of candles for the boxes, for each of the type of monsters and on the spoiler card we are said that the type of monster’s candle you get the type of monster you’d be. I think I’m pretty content with the sunai candle! It smells of caramel and pecan pie.


We also got some tea we can drink while reading the book, the tea is named Sloan’s morning refreshment. I’m quite curious how it tastes, it smells quite fruity through the wrapping.


And of course you need something to drink the tea from and we got a mug for that too! It’s the type that will show off the art on it once you pour hot water into it. You can kinda see it already, but I’m really impressed with the quality of the mug! Can’t wait to try the tea and the mug together!


And last but not least the book itself! I’m really happy that they kept the original cover design, I could only get the white cover design in English so I’m more than pleased with getting it in Hungarian really.


So this is the unboxing! Hope you enjoyed it, folks! I’m really pleased with the box, especially with the quality of the box, I’m definitely going to get more of BASC boxes in the future whenever I can. It makes me happy that we have these boxed in Hungary now too, it’s more affordable for us, than buying from abroad.




14 thoughts on “BASC Schwab Box Unboxing & Book Week

  1. There is a Hungarian book subscription box?? How was I not aware of this. Where do I sign up? Looks like there were many awesome things in it 😀

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      1. I have a candle from a Fairyloot books from last year that I still haven’t used… because then it will be gone… 😦

        Liked by 1 person

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