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Hi folks!

I’ve got tagged by the lovely Kris Marie to do this tag. You can read her post here and if you haven’t yet, definitely check out her blog as well!

Can you stop reading at any time, or does it have to be a certain page or chapter?

I can stop at any time, but I prefer to stop either at a certain page or a chapter.

Do you eat or drink anything whilst reading?

I usually only drink while reading, occasionally eat but that doesn’t happen too often.

Can you read listening to music or watching TV?

I like reading while listening to music, watching TV can be distracting but I can manage that too.

One book at a time, or several at once?

One. I usued to read several but now I like to focus on one only.

Reading at home or everywhere?

Everywhere if I have time to do that!

Reading out loud or silently in your head?

Silently, but if the story is written in a nice way and I’m home alone I sometimes read out loud, especially when in English to practice speaking.

Do you read ahead, or skip pages?

Sometimes… Depends on the content, but if I find the romance part annoying or too cheesy I might just skip those parts.

Breaking the spine or keeping it new?

I try to not break it but I can’t manage it all the time so I always try to be as gentle with the book as possible.

Do you write books, or just read them?

I’m a reader, not a writer.

5 of my favorite books: (not in particular order)
1. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
2. Six of Crows
3. Battle Royale
4. Howl’s Moving Castle
5. This Savage Song

What is the last book you read?

King of Thorns by Mark Lawrence

About me:

Name: Dorka

Name meaning: Dorottya, which comes from the Greek Dorotheos and it means God’s gift.

Named after anyone: None that I know of

Hair color: Red

Hair length: Above waist line

Eye color: brown/hazel

My birthday: August 17th

Height: 158 cm

Place of birth: Kalocsa (Hungary)

Currently Living: Budapest

Star Sign: Leo

Best feature: Hair?

Braces: Had them, hated them, didn’t really make anything better.

Piercings: 1 piercings each ear but not using them anymore

Tattoos: None but I want.

Right or Left Handed: right

Pets: 1 doggo named Jafar.

Siblings: 1 younger brother

Do you have kids: nope

How many children do you want: none

What would you name your children: N/A

Marriage: I’d need a guy for that first, dunno if I’d get married.

What did you want to be when you grow up: fashion designer, interrior designer, teacher, many other things.

Career goals: To become a concert photographer, hopefully at Korean concerts as well.

Hobbies: blogging, reading, photography, drawing

Five random facts about me:

  • I have arachnophobia.
  • I’ve never broken a bone.
  • I’ve always wanted an older brother.
  • I only like to wear rings.
  • I love to listen to storms.

Five favorite films:

LOTR movies, Marvel movies, Van Helsing

Five favorite songs: VIXX songs, T-ARA songs, FOB songs, Ed Sheeran songs, etc.

TV shows: Game of Thrones, Vikings (i need to continue), Lucifer (this too)

YouTubers: Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, muyskern, LordMinion777, A Clockwork Reader, Little Book Owl, PeruseProject, KickThePJ, Thoughts on Tomes

Food: anything? pasta

Drinks: coffee

Animals: any animal

Restaurants: Korean restaurants

Shops: ugh… bookshops?

Smells: lavender, rose, coffee

Colors: black, dark red, dark blue, dark green, dark dark dark

Music genre: almost anything


Holiday: summer holiday in Croatia?

Concert: don’t remember

Best friend: Lara (not gonna mention the first ever, she is the one that matters anyways)


Feeling: ok

Eating: nothing

Watching: nothing

Wearing: grey shirt and grey sweatpants

Do you:
Believe in miracles: yes

Believe in love at first sight: dunno

Believe in ghosts: kinda

Believe in aliens: kinda

Believe in soulmates: yes

Believe in Heaven/Hell: mmmm

Believe in kissing on the first date: idk?

Believe in yourself: I try

If you won the lottery, what would you buy: books, probably a house on my own

Your favourite/worst subject in High School:

Fave: Literature
Worst: Maths, Physics

Subject you were best at? English

Sports do you play/Have you played: Basketball, Handball, skiing, swimming, athletics, dances

Phone – (iOS v Android): iOs

Something you wish you were talented at: drawing, writing, singing

First thing you notice about people: stlye

On top of your bucket list: travel to all European countries

3 long term goals: I don’t even know… Don’t give up and keep on going?

3 short term goals: Survive uni, learn Korean, be okay with myself

What are you doing today to help you achieve those goals:

3 things you’d take with you to a desert island: suncream, books, a knife

Biggest accomplishment: graduated a university (currently doing another)

Ideal first date for you: just a normal talk with a cup of coffee really

Something you look for in a partner: respectful and loyal, have good humour

Something you dislike: spiders, cramps

Special talents: I’m really patient?

Favorite fairytale: I don’t really have one

App you use most: twitter/instagram

Piece of technology can you not live without: phone

Countries have you visited: Croatia, Austria, Germany, Greece, England, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Norway, France, Italy, Czech Republic

Countries would you like to visit? South Korea, Japan, Canada, Spain, Sweden, Finnland, the Neatherlands, Ireland

Most embarrassing memory: I have to many..

Random final questions:
Summer or Winter: Winter

Furthest you’ve ever been from home: when I visited Norway

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be: Dunno, somewhere I could feel I belong.

Sweet or savory: Sweet

Last time you cried: ummm… last week sometimes?

If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself: Not sure, probably.

Do you use sarcasm a lot: yup, a lot!

Scary movie or happy endings: happy endings

How would you describe your fashion sense: comfy

Are you competitive: very

Describe yourself in a single sentence: an introverted Slytherin

Who is your role model?: I.. don’t really have one? Mom?

If you could give your younger self any advice what would it be: You are good the way you are, don’t listen to others.

So this was the Get To Know Me Book Tag, now you know a little more! Thanks Kris Marie again for tagging me. I tag all of you who want to do it! 🙂

34 thoughts on “Get To Know Me Book Blog Tag

    1. I am that big of a cheater I know hahaha, it’s just often they write it cheesy or annoying to my taste so what can a girl do who is not into romance that much? 😀 He might as well be, he was named by his previous owner and we kept the name because it’s a cool one! 😀 🖤

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! And yes, thankfully I was and am that priviledged to have the opportunity to travel, and it’s quite easy in Europe, sometimes it only takes 30 minutes to be in another country! I still want to travel a lot and see more of the world!


    1. Haha right, makes me feel the same! Plus for some reasons I can’t handle anything on my wrists, i like them bare. 😆 And I don’t really like to wear neckpaces either, but rings are my things! I realised I like to olay with my rings when I’m nervous or anxious so it’s handy too!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Azkaban is my absolute favorite Harry Potter too! I also skip overly romantic stuff in books – if it’s too drawn out and cheesy, like you said, I can’t handle it! LOL! xoxo


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