5+2 Reasons why Nikolai Lantsov makes a good Slytherin


Hello guys!

I recently reread Shadow and Bone and Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo and finally got to Ruin and Rising. From all the characters I think my main favourite from the trilogy is Nikolai Lantsov. Rereading the second book I was starting to realise that Nikolai would make a Slytherin that the Slytherin house would deserve to have. He is a good example of a good Slytherin in my humble opinion. If you haven’t read the series or the first two books might want to read them and come back because this post will contain spoilers.

1.  He is ambitious.

Even he mentions it throughout the second book and Alina mentions it a couple of times as well. There are mentions that he might be a bastard but that doesn’t stop him from being ambitious and aiming high, wanting to take the throne of Ravka. Not to mention he doesn’t care that he is a second child and Vasily is supposed to come next on the throne. In the third book he even sends his mother away to exile because that secures him getting the throne.

2. He is cunning.

The first thing that got my attention about him was that he is extramely cunning. Alina mentions a lot of times through the second book that a whole lot of things that Nikolai does is calculated. He knows people, he knows what they want and he gives it to them in order to gain what he wants in the first place. In the third book you can see how to one piece of information he is already calculating.

3. He is resourceful.

You can literally throw him into any kind of situation and he will solve it to the best #for himself.# We could see that throughout the second book, he could wrap himself around anything with his wits. Alina also mentions that he is resourceful in the beginning of the 3rd book.

4. He is determined.

No matter how bad the situation was, he stayed determined that he wanted to save Ravka from the Darkling and get the throne for himself. Even when Alina seemed to be leaving, it didn’t waver his determination, that he could make things work for himself.

5. He has a certain disregard for the rules.

The best to showcase this, is how he thinks about the rules of the succession. How he talks about being able to talk Vasily down from the throne to be able to get what he wants.

6. He is a complex character.

The best thing about Slytherin characters is that they show that people are complex characters and I think this applies to Nikolai as well. I think many people like him but you don’t know him exactly? He is a prince, a privateer, a soldier and a charmer. He gets what he wants, yet he is still charming and ultimately seems good all beside this he has a side that he hides from everyone. He can’t be himself because trusting people would cause him all the work he did for what he wants to achive. I’m quite curious that hidden side of his.

7. He is manipulative.

I’m  not saying that in a bad way. But again throughout the second book we could see how easily he changed his personalities and with that could easily manipulate people around him.

So these are the reasons why I think he is a good Slytherin. Looking back now they might seem off, but honestly I love him a lot and the idea of him being a Slytherin is endearing to me, a lot. 😀


5 thoughts on “5+2 Reasons why Nikolai Lantsov makes a good Slytherin

  1. You’ve got me completely convinced! I just finished this trilogy and I loved Nikolai, but I had never considered which house he would be in. I think also in terms of the process of elimination there is no way he is Hufflepuff, and he’s not that interested in learning unless it’s for a purpose so he’s not a ravenclaw, and his cunnings and ambition make him much more of a slytherin over a gryffindor. Although I do feel like he plays the gryffindor to make other people not expect him to be a threat.

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